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Open the doorway to a selection of children’s stories told by our ASL Storytellers in their first language. Each story is presented in ASL with the English language text for each page in view. There are vocabulary videos to help you with some of the key words from the story.

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Tips for Using These Videos


You can practice key vocabulary from the story or watch the story being signed in full. Feel free to pause and repeat sections as often as needed. If you are still having difficulty with some signs, use gestures to act those words out, point to the pictures in the book, or finger-spell.


You may notice that some signs are different from what you may have already learned. Just as in English some people use different words to mean the same thing, in ASL there are different signs for the same word. There are often regional variations in signs just as there are different dialects of a spoken language.


This video is intended to help you practice signing the story with your child. It shouldn’t replace the time you spend reading with your child. Reading together helps build skills your child will need to read on their own later on and will also strengthen the connection between you and your child.

Parent Tip Sheets

There are also downloadable Parent Tip Sheets for each story. These story extending activities will support learning for both you and your child.
Many of the Parent Tip Sheets focus on one of the ‘15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children’ supported by the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center in Washington D.C.
Our videos, Parent Tip Sheets allow you to tap into the 15 principles supporting your child’s ASL and English language learning and your own ASL language learning.
Watch each video a few times to get comfortable and then give a page or two a try!
Want to have the hard copy of the book too? You can check out the book at your local library and read along with the video or one on one with your child.

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