Using both verbal and sign when teaching

“I use both verbal and sign when teaching him new things for better communication and understanding. When we sing or talk about new animals he learning new words every time.” (son is Deaf and has a cochlear implant)

Snowman Art

“After the story we made the snowman art and then we read the story again and my son copied some of the signs like, snow, bed and bath that were part of the story.”

Extremely good at mentoring me

“The ASL RAPP staff have been extremely good at mentoring me. This (program) has been invaluable to me. It has helped me to be more comfortable trying to sign with adults as well as Deaf children.”

Read with Granddaughter

“I read the book with my Deaf granddaughter. She’s only 4, but she knew a lot of the signs and I found this to be really rewarding.”

Canadian Winter

“Being in the middle of Canadian winter, this book was very topical and very interesting to my granddaughter. “ (A Snowy Day)

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