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Welcome to ASL RAPP.  Our goal is to make learning ASL fun and inviting for families like you to support their Deaf child’s ASL and English language learning.  Our library and tools provide rich opportunities for both languages to be enjoyed and played with against the backdrop of a story.

Our books are designed to be a shared experience for children and their families or caregivers.  For each book you will find tips for parents as well as vocabulary and activity sheets for the child. Make sure to check them out along with the book. 

You will also find links to resources on our site to help you navigate other supports that can help you in your journey.  

We hope that you have as much fun using this language learning resource as we have had creating it.


Kim and the ALSO ASL RAPP team

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

Reaching, stretching, lifting high, your little Crane Truck will touch the sky! Track every step along the way with this appealing growth chart. And when the lights go out, Crane Truck will glow in the dark. Includes feet and meters.

Sherri Dusky Rinker

Handa’s Surprise

Handa is carrying a basket of fruit to her friend Akeyo. She is carrying it on her head and doesn’t notice that animals she is passing are taking fruit out of the basket. Eventually the basket becomes empty but an antelope chasing her runs in to a tree as Handa walks beneath it and fills the basket with tangerines.

Eileen Browne

Our Program

We believe in the right to access language, that every child has the capacity to learn and that parents play a critical role in the development of their child.

We offer a selection of language learning resources to encourage literacy, creativity and self expression through stories and interactive connections.

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